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The Bikefit Team

              Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Cyclocross, Bunch Rides, Track, MultiSport, Commute, Recreational Cycling

Our staff all ride for the love of cycling, the passion and enthusiasm it is all real!

Bikefit Marlborough Mission Statement

Bikefit Marlborough exists to grow Cycling, through our Knowledge, Passion and outstanding Customer Service, and, by providing our customers with the largest range of Quality Bikes and accessories at affordable prices.

bike fit marlborough


"Any day I can throw my leg over a bike is a great day"

Favorite Ride: Whites Bay Loop

I grew up in the small town of Motueka and have always been into cycling, It wasn't until the move to christchurch when the lure of the mountain bike trails on the port hills really got me addicted to mountain biking, I raced downhill and used the road bike for fitness. After the move to Blenheim I battled into the wind on the road and found the challenge and intensity of cyclocross a real thrill.

I'm a jack of all trades on the bike and understand the needs of every form of cycling from Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Downhill, Touring and Commuting, I enjoy finding the right bike for the customer and seeing them progress as a rider with skills and fitness.


"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Favorite Ride: Hawkesbury Circuit

Born and bred in Marlborough, I spent more than 20 years competing on the Equestrian scene around NZ. In 2007 I decided it was time for a change, so I retired the horse and purchased a road bike and began participating in cycling events in Nelson and Marlborough. I love to get out cycling with friends, or on my own, and enjoy nothing more than a mountain bike ride with the family.

I enjoy helping others to get into cycling, finding the right bike, product or adjustment, whether it is to commute or as a form of fitness or recreational activity. Cycling is a great form of freedom, and, as a parent I can give you first hand experience at all the options available to get the whole family involved.

bike fit marlborough


"Shut up legs"

Favorite Ride: The Grove with friends, always good to have a wheel or two to sit on coming home from Havelock.

My first race was the Graperide in 2007, I started riding bikes to help lose weight after having Caitlin in 2005. Before that I was a competitive horse rider, representing New Zealand as a Young rider in Dressage. I soon discovered that a bike wasn't as much work or money as a horse & with a young family biking fitted in better.

I enjoy time trialing & team racing and encourage and support women's road cycling.


"When you feel like quitting, remember why you started"

Favorite Ride: 
Road: Keneparu road to Portage
Mountain Bike: Queen Charlotte Track at the top of any climb with ocean views.

I moved to Marlborough 8 years ago from Cairns in Australia, with my husband and four children. Running was always something I did to keep fit. After having my first two girls I needed a focus and so learnt how to swim and completed my first triathlon. It must have been ok ... Because six months after that small race I completed my first ironman.

Over the years I have dabbled in swimming, cycling and running at various levels. I have had some age group success in Queensland and then in New Zealand in open water swimming. My passion is now Nutrition and I am hooked on ironman again! 


“It never gets easier, you only go faster” Greg LeMond

Favorite Ride: Rotorua MTB track- never tire of them and they even have a race (Whaka100) over the majority of them

I started racing bmx at age 8 (1980), then moved onto road cycling just before high school. Successful at school, regional and national level, then started mountain biking in the early 90's.

After an accident in 2001 and retirement from cycling, had I ballooned out to 150kg. But after taking the sport up again in 2009, I am now back racing at a high level in mountain biking, cyclocross, and road racing.

I run a coaching business ( that caters for all athletes from competitive recreational to elite, and cover all endurance sports plus conditioning for team sports athletes.



Favorite Ride: Double Eagle Downhill and Monkeys Bay Ridge Climb.

I have always enjoyed MTB and cycling, I was more of a BMXER back at school but eventually I grew out of it and moved on to something better, a 2007 specialized fsr xc comp, I spent most of my free time riding the trails down in Wanaka, Deans Bank was one of the favourites. Dad got me into racing with him, not competitively, just for fun. The hardest race that I faced was the Bannockburn pub to pub "gutbuster". After arriving with no winter riding gear a fellow racer was kind enough to lend his spare jacket, the race was going well until I got to the last hill. on and on it went but eventually I made it to the top and then down to the finish. After leaving school in year 12 (6 form) I decided to move to Nelson to study mechanical engineering, it was a sort of a dream career I thought, because why not? hands on work with heavy and light machinery. After passing course, I moved to Blenheim and decided to hermit at my parent’s house until I got into the mechanical engineering work zone, a few weeks had past and I saw Bikefit looking for staff, and I decided why not? I grew up around bikes why not start working on them, after a few weeks past I knew this job was something amazing and I started my new dream job.