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Bikefit CX Marlborough 2014 Series

posted Jun 26, 2014, 5:35 AM by Unknown user
It's been 9 months since.......... the end of the Bikefit CX Marlborough 2013 season. The 2014 season is almost upon us! Quick get out there and do some training.

There's been a lot of work happening in the background. Some more sponsors, more goodies, some new venues to spread the CX buzz, some more CX branded clothing being ordered, a few tweaks to the age categories, free Belgian biscuits (I so wish it was free Belgian beer) a dozen or more new CX bikes sold (free entry for the 2014 series for bikes bought from our major sponsor BikeFit Marlborough, a few new people to town with CX bikes seen tearing up the tracks on the Wither Hills and the Two Passes loop, some serious training going on with wattages downloaded after every ride, more people saying they're coming along on their Mtbs to give it a go as they heard or witnessed first hand how much fun we have, lots of kids who took part last year and the year before are telling their school friends about the fun they have playing in the mud and water on their bikes.

For further details and online entry click poster
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