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Team Fitlab rides Benchmark

posted Mar 22, 2012, 10:02 PM by Andrew Jamieson
The newly formed Fitlab Elite Cycling Team makes it debut at round 1 of the Benchmark series in Marlborough this weekend. Andrew Jamieson from Fitlab said "the team is made up of up and coming young and more experienced older riders. The goal is support the younger riders with mentors to help them gain experience in elite racing. It is important to provide pathways for these riders to find their feet in elite team style racing and the experienced riders can show them the ropes". Nathan Dahlberg (one of NZs best ever riders, riding two Tour de Frances and having wins within the European pro ranks in the 1990s) will bring his experience to the team and is excited by the prospect. The Fitlab Team for the 1st round will be:
Nathan Dahlberg
Andrew Jamieson
Gerard van Antwerpen
Peter Crampton
Callum Saunders

with other riders in later events:
Scott McDonnell
Jorg Engelbrecht (Swiss)
Mike Naylor