CX-2 2016

cyclocross marlborough

Event programme
 (subject to change each event depending on the venue) 
10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00 Kids ride, may be accompanied on foot by parents. (No timing) 15mins Free reward at the finish
11.30 Fun Novice Intro ride (No timing) 15 mins
12:00 Practice laps 
12:15 A Grade, 30mins + 1 bell lap
1:00 CX Grade, 50mins + 1 bell lap
Prize-giving 15mins at conclusion of CX Grade 
Free Belgian Biscuits!!!

Children MUST be under parental supervision at all times. There is a creek, pond and heavy machinery (not in use) that are not be played in or on. 
No animals to be brought to the event.
Please park where directed.
Respect the privacy of the house site - No Access at any time.
Respect all other property and buildings.
We will be providing extra toilets for your use.

Fraser will open some sheds for people to access to get changed and to keep dry if the weather is wet.

We're quite excited about the potential of this property for CX and reckon it has lots of scope for many courses to come.

In addition to our sponsor Astrolabe Wines we'd be stoked if you bought some wine from Catalina Sounds when considering your next wine purchase.