CX-3 2016

cyclocross marlborough

Event programme
 (subject to change each event depending on the venue) 
10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00 Kids ride, may be accompanied on foot by parents. (No timing) 15mins Free reward at the finish
11.30 Fun Novice Intro ride (No timing) 15 mins
12:00 Practice laps 
12:15 A Grade, 30mins + 1 bell lap
1:00 CX Grade, 50mins + 1 bell lap
Prize-giving 15mins at conclusion of CX Grade 
Free Belgian Biscuits!!!

Hi Folks - as with the previous event please NO DOGS to be brought to this event. There are sheep grazing in the vineyard. As this is a working farm there are hazards. We will touch on these. Children to be supervised at all times. There are water hazards and other hazards associated with a working vineyard - namely heavy machinery. There will be a tractor operating in the vineyard but not in proximity to where we will be. Please obey the 20km speed limit. Further details attached. 

Auntsfield Vineyard
Vineyard Hazard Management Plan

Hazard Action Proposed

Entrance Drive carefully. Be aware of trees, especially when reversing.

Tractors/ATVs/ If on foot, make yourself visible and proceed with caution.
Other Vehicles Obey 20kph speed limit
Slow down on blind corners
Be ready to stop suddenly

Creeks Slow down in wet conditions be aware of steep drop off bank

Main Gateways Stop and check traffic before pulling out

Drive ways Only drive on gravel driveways
Be aware of other vehicles working in the vineyard
Check for other vehicles at intersections

Chemicals Please stay away from Spray Shed (South Side of main shed).

Machinery Please stay away from tractor implements and other machinery (Mainly to east of main shed).

House Obey 20kph speed limit
Be aware of house residents/vehicles/dogs in area

Smoko Office Be aware of vehicles/pedestrians in area
Be aware of slippery decking 
Be aware of drop off decking into garden

Hill Road Reduce speed when driving downhill, be aware of wet condition

General Be aware of above hazards and Keep Children Supervised appropriately