CX-6 2016

cyclocross marlborough

Event programme
(subject to change each event depending on the venue) 
5:30-6:00 Registration
6:15 Kids/Novice ride, may be accompanied on foot by parents. (No timing) 15mins Free reward at the finish
6.30 Practice laps 
6:45 A and CX Grade, 40mins + 1 bell lap
Prize-giving 15mins at conclusion of CX Grade 
Free Belgian Biscuits!!!

Mondo from CX Marlborough:

"Folks.... had a meander around the course/venue this afternoon for this Friday night event and I reckon a fun but testing course can be achieved. It's going to be a fantastic setting and having the lights will make for a spectacular spectacle. Hope someone brings a drone out to capture the action. Tentative plan is 6:15pm Kids/Novice start for 15 - 20mins (a few people helping them up a small hill would be great) and then we are contemplating combining the A and CX grade for a 40 - 45min CX derby!!! As this is a fun event we hope people get into the 'spirit' of the event, wear costumes, drink beer, bring some colorful glowy things to adorn yourself and bikes with etc. The three trailer tower lights should light up the entire course bar one small wee area of a climb. We'd much prefer that you don't use bike/helmet lights please as these blind other riders. Checking that the DJ Duncan Mackenzie will be rocking some beats to groove to, Junior Cycling Lance Spencer will be stoking up the BBQ, Dylan Hodson has got the bagpipes ready to go and JUME Justin Bishop has got a tonne of beans and helpers to keep up with the demand for hot drinks. Course set up will be from early afternoon for anyone at a loose end! Anyone able to collect a trailer light from Crafar Crouch and drop off to Highfield Winery during the afternoon would be appreciated so that we can get hem into place well before the start would be awesome. Getting them back in the morning would be required too please."