CX-1 2016

cyclocross marlborough

Event programme
 (subject to change each event depending on the venue) 
10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00 Kids ride, may be accompanied on foot by parents. (No timing) 15mins Free reward at the finish
11.30 Fun Novice Intro ride (No timing) 15 mins
12:00 Practice laps 
12:15 A Grade, 30mins + 1 bell lap
1:00 CX Grade, 50mins + 1 bell lap
Prize-giving 15mins at conclusion of CX Grade 
Free Belgian Biscuits!!!

Awaiting the paper work from Council to rubber stamp the first event at Athletic Park on June 19. Courses have been ridden and mapped with the Kids course being 1.3kms, Novice 2.2kms and the Full course a mere 2.8kms!!! Those who have ridden here before are in for a surprise...... and will be wondering how we've manage to achieve 3x variations on a course and also to get 2.8kms for the full course. What we can share is that it will be fun and plenty of opportunities for some close encounters and banter. Smooth bike handling skills and getting into a 'flow' will help. Of course some rain will change the lines, decisions on to run, carry or push? To add to the anticipation and excitement the courses will be revealed closer to the time......