Race Rules and Waiver


Race Rules

Read carefully: Non-compliance with any of the Race Rules may result in disqualification of the competitor from this event.

  • Competitors must read pre-race course briefing notes if any.

  • You must wear an approved cycle helmets (NZ safety standard) when riding your bike during the event.

  • Do not cut or alter your number plate. You must return the number plate on completion of the event.

  • Obey the starters count down. Jumping the gate will incur a 30 second time penalty.

  • The rider in front always has right of way.

Overtaking rider - let slower rider know you are there and which side you are overtaking.

Slower rider - please let faster riders through, but only pull over where you feel safe to do so

  • Competitors must not deviate from the obvious track or attempt to take shortcuts.

  • You must follow the instructions of marshals and other race officials. If you don’t you will be disqualified. Remember they are all giving up their time for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

  • Event officials / Marshalls reserve the right to remove any competitor if they consider they are not capable of safely completing the event for any reason.

  • Any competitor withdrawing from the race after starting must inform a Race Marshal or the Race Director at the first possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made.

  • No outside assistance other than first aid is allowed by support crews to any competitor.

  • Competitors must obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

  • Entries are not transferable. Organisers’ need to know who is on the course and what medical conditions you may have so we can deliver the appropriate response in the event of an accident.

  • If you come across an injured rider, you must stop and assist. Send on the next rider to notify a Marshal. All riders who assist in an incident will get an adjusted time.

  • The Race Director has a non-appealable right to disqualify for breaches of the rules and credit time for those who help other competitors in crash or injury situations.

Waiver and Release of Liability Form

You will be asked to tick a box on the online entry form to say you have read and agree to this waiver before you can enter this event.

  • I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and equipment during this event and its related activities.

  • I confirm that my mountain bike is safe, in a good state of repair and are suitable to handle the rough and demanding conditions of this off road event.

  • I have read, accept, understand and agree to abide by the Race Rules above.

  • I will comply with all the directions given on the event website, entry form, emails, newsletters, pre-race briefing information, course signage and marshals.

  • I am in sound physical condition (and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person), capable of safely competing in the event.

  • I acknowledge and assume all of the risks associated with this event. 

  • I acknowledge that an event of this nature, given the distance, terrain, hazards and weather conditions are inherently dangerous.

  • I accept full responsibility for obtaining adequate skills to negotiate and avoid hazards on the course and that I am waiving and releasing my legal rights to sue for any injury or damages what so ever arising out of or resulting from my participation in this event.

  • On behalf of myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns, and anyone else who might sue on my behalf, I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE, AND FOREVER DISCHARGE  all event sponsors, event producers, event staff, administrators, officials, contractors, vendors, and organisers (including race directors), volunteers, all other persons, land managers and/or owners and their agents, any other  organisations or entities involved with this event, cities, towns, and other governmental bodies and locations in which this event takes place from any and all claims, causes of action, damages, losses (economic and non-economic), and liabilities of every kind, for death, personal injury, or property damage, which may arise out of, result from, or relate to my participation in, or my traveling to or from this event.

  • I agree and authorise Marlborough Mountain Bike Club and its sponsors to use photographs, video and film taken during the event to advertise their products or to promote the event at no cost to the organisers and sponsors.

  • If signing on behalf of a minor (under 19yrs on the day of the event) I declare that I have full power and authority on behalf of said person to sign this form and accordingly release all liability from Marlborough Mountain Bike Club Inc. and associates as above and indemnify on behalf of such persons.

  • I voluntarily acknowledge this Waiver and Release of Liability Form and explicitly agree to its content.