Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting

Get the bike to fit you

At Bikefit Marlborough we can help match you to your perfect bike as well as the perfect size and fit, every bike we sell is setup to suit you and includes:

Suspension set up
Cleat position 
Saddle height
Saddle fore aft
Reach and drop
Comfort on contact areas (Feet, Saddle, Grips)

The objective of a bike fit is to achieve maximum comfort and power

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Injury prevention and regaining flexibility from cycling which can tighten certain muscles which can inhibit your cycling performance click pictures for more...

1. Warm up 5 minutes, mild anaerobic
2. Dynamic stretching before workout/competition
3. Passive stretching after workout/competition

Dynamic streching

Please note: to be used as a guideline individual stretching needs may vary

Core Strength & Cycling Specific Workouts

A commonly overlooked area which can help with your cycling performance and general overall well being which can easily be built into your routine click pictures for more...


Please note: to be used as a guideline individual workout needs may vary

Foot Beds

We use 3 Feet foot beds for foot support and to give a solid power transfer to pedals click picture for more...

3 feet foot beds bike fitting

Test Saddles

We have a range of test saddles you can trial to find your optimal saddle click picture for more...