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Fitlab assess your fitness using a range of sport specific tests (such as: Anaerobic Threshold, Peak Power, Predicted VO2max and Body Composition). 

Training Zones

Accurate training zones can be calculated from the test results to ensure you train effectively and specifically.

Training Plan

This information guides Fitlab’s training advice, while subsequent tests help track your progress.

General Physiological Assessment - $130*

This includes an array of tests to evaluate an individual’s current fitness status. It is recommended that this be assessed every eight weeks to monitor improvements.


Accurate training zones specific to the individual (power and heart rate zones)
Anaerobic threshold (AT)
Threshold power/heart rate
Predicted VO2 max
Peak aerobic power
Peak lactate
Body composition (body fat %, body water%, muscle mass, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, body fat and muscle mass information for each arm/leg/trunk area)
Resting heart rate
Resting blood pressure

This test is performed in the field or on an ergonometer using the riders own bicycle to be specific to their position.

Training Programme - $95.00*

This is a day to day exercise programme designed specifically for the individual, aiming to implement training strategies to meet their goals. From simply losing weight to competing internationally.

The programme is for eight weeks and uses knowledge gained in the physiological assessment. The broad long-term goals also influence this programme. At the end of eight weeks a General Physiological Assessment should be performed to gauge improvements and design a new programme to suit.

Programmes are also available separately to both New Zealand and international customers.

Combined Assessment and Programme - $200.00*

This combines both the above services.

Wingate Test (Peak Cycling Power/Sprint Assessment) - $100.00*

This is performed on a cycle ergo meter, using the riders own bicycle or in the field. This is an ideal test for cyclists interested in monitoring and improving their sprint and anaerobic power.

Peak/average power (watts) over 30 seconds
Time to peak power
Peak/average power to weight and Frontal Surface Area - FSA (equation)
Peak cadence
Power drop off
Work done (joules)
Peak/average torque

Body Composition Assessment - $30.00*

This assessment provides information about your body composition and body fat. It is ideal for athletes or anyone wishing to track their progress with weight loss or to monitor muscle mass and body fat. Body composition measurements are taken using skinfold calipers and the latest BC-601 segmental innerscan from Tanita.


Body composition
Body fat %
Muscle mass
Bone mass
Visceral fat rating
Metabolic age
Body water
Body fat % information for each arm, leg and your trunk area
Muscle mass information for each arm, leg and your trunk area
Recommended daily caloric intake
Resting heart rate
Resting blood pressure

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