• Revbox Erg MK6.1

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    Of Revbox’s many characteristics, what are it’s most unique features?

    1. The fan, which forms the heart of the trainer, operates almost entirely without centrifugal mass, giving the Revbox its very low inertia. This means that the athlete does not at any point in the 360° pedal stroke receive any assistance from the weight of the flywheel, as is the case with most other trainers.

    This has the major advantage that all leg muscles are utilised through the entire pedal stroke. Low inertia training can best be described as riding uphill, or against the wind, where high inertia training can be compared to riding downhill or with the wind at your back.

    2. The entire pedal stroke becomes audible through the sound of the fan, enabling the athlete to achieve an even and smooth pedalling motion. If the athlete succeeds in generating a sound from the Revbox that is even and constant throughout the pedal stroke, they can be sure that they are training all muscles equally. This is an invaluable advantage that no other trainer on the market can rival.

    What can the Revbox deliver?

    All muscles are engaged and trained evenly throughout the entire 360° pedal stroke

    Audible pedalling feedback which enables the athlete to smooth and perfect the motion without electronic aids

    Strength and endurance training for cyclists, runners and swimmers

    High-precision training that can be repeated in a controlled environment, independent of environmental factors

    Proven results for professional athletes as well as recreational cyclists of every age and ability

    Extremely low centrifugal mass means it is ideally suited for rehabilitation after accidents and injuries.

    Compatible with the Trainerroad, Sufferfest, Veloreality, FulGaz, Zwift

    Superior to outdoor training due to the much improved ability to workout at specific power and cadence levels

    The Revbox App gives an accurate reading of power, heart rate, cadence, calories, speed and distance. The data can be directly uploaded to the mobile training software TrainingPeaks and other training programs on the market

    Unlimited, exponentially increasing resistance range

    No electricity required

    Attractive, compact design

    Can be easily dismantled in just two hand motions and is the lightest stationary trainer of its performance class in the world with a weight of approx. 8.6 kg

    The Revbox can be mounted on all conventional road racing bikes (10/11 speed) by simply removing the rear wheel. A version for MTB and RR through axle will be available from April 2016.

    Who can the Revbox help?

    Recreational cyclists and commuters can improve their fitness while getting faster and stronger in less time

    Elite and world class athletes will gain a real edge and train more efficiently, with better results than ever before.

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  • Revbox Erg MK6.1
  • Revbox Erg MK6.1
  • Revbox Erg MK6.1
  • Revbox Erg MK6.1

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