Exaform Dropper Seatpost Speedup Hydro


Exaform Dropper Seatpost Speedup Hydro

  • Description

SpeedUp is the latest seatpost from ExaForm, a sister brand to KS Suspension known for its award-winning dropper seatposts.  SpeedUp utilizes the concept of a dropper but simplifies it down to the very basics. 

The Exaform Speedup Hydro is a height adjustable seatpost, unsprung its perfect for that rental fleet or those wanting something that is quick and easy to adjust the saddle height.

Available in 30.9 125 and 150mm drop

  • Mast Length 125mm Post: 265mm
  • Total length 125mm Post: 445mm
  • Mast Length 150mm Post: 298mm
  • Total length 150mm Post: 503mm