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    At the heart of mountain biking is the desire for new adventure and experiences. This passion drives all that we do, so designing the all new ridgeline aluminium trail handlebar was a dream come true. Our goal was to create the perfect trail bar that disappears beneath you while encouraging you to chase the adventure. We precisely targeted lower rise options for a more efficient and aggressive position on the bike. To do this, we took an oversized 35mm bore platform and dispersed the load over an 8oomm width. It was critical for us to keep the weight down without sacrificing strength. This is where our unique, proprietary gradient butting technology shines and gives Deity the upper hand, allowing us to remove excess material in areas of less stress and fatigue, which alleviates the harsh, unforgiving ride felt in other 35mm bore handlebars on the market. We then add material to areas of greater stress and fatigue to increase the long-term strength and durability, giving you more confidence to chase new experiences and adventure farther. MATERIAL 7O75 T73 ALUMINIUM WEIGHT 3O3g / 3O6g WIDTH 8OOmm RISE 15mm / 25mm SWEEP 9 DEGREE BACK / 5 DEGREE UP BORE / CLAMP DIAM. 35mm

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