• Green Oil Chain Lube Wet 100ml

  • $21.99

  • Description

    Prevents rust 

    Reduces wear 

    All conditions lube

    125 + Miles between applications

    PTFE free and 100% biodegradable

    Green Oil Wet Chain Lube was developed out of a frustration. Other lubes were petroleum based, mostly contained PTFE and even said 'Dangerous for the Environment' on the bottle.

    Green Oil is a biolubricant. It's made from plants instead of petrochemicals.

    Green Oil Wet Chain Lube is 100% biodegradable. 

    Not 'biodegradable with PTFE', a line some brands suggest.

    Apply to the inside of your chain for one length, spin the cranks.

    Wipe off excess with a rag to keep the chain nice and clean - you only need the oil between the links where the friction occurs.

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