Quad Lock Out Front Mount


Quad Lock Out Front Mount

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The Quad Lock® Out Front Mount allows you to position your iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphone on your bike’s handlebar for optimal viewing while you ride.


Whether it’s road cycling or mountain bike riding, the patented dual-stage lock means you can ride with confidence, knowing that your smartphone will stay secure on your bike, no matter the terrain.


Simply twist and lock to view apps as you ride such as Strava®, MapMyRide or Apple® maps. Detach just as easily so you don’t miss a photo opportunity or important call. Remember, it’s all in the technique, not the force.


Made to suit a variety of handlebar sizes (1.25", 1.00" and 0.87"), the aerodynamic low profile design means that the Quad Lock® Out Front Mount fits modestly onto your bike. It can also be rotated for over stem mounting.

Suits handlebar sizes 31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22mm

Glass filled nylon / polycarbonate construction

Stainless steel hardware

Compatible with all Quad Lock® cases and Universal Adaptors