PRO Chain Breaker


PRO Chain Breaker

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The PRO Chain Tool is available in two versions for 1-9 speed chains and 9-12 speed chains.

Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Chain Tool allows you to remove links on road, gravel, mountain or E-Bike chains. The updated Chain Tool is now available in two options, a wider gauge 1-9 speed version and a narrower 9-12 speed model. Both models feature an indicator graphic to ensure that you do not use the tool with the incorrect speed chain, and in so doing damage to chain or tool.


1-9 and 9-12 speed specific chain tools

Allows you to remove chain links

-12 speed model boasts misuse prevention feature

Ergonomic handle

Compatible with road, gravel, MTB and E-Bike chains