Smoove Chain Lube 120ml


Smoove Chain Lube 120ml

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Smoove Universal Chain Lube is a long lasting lubricant formulated to withstand even the most demanding conditions. Whether in wet or dry conditions, Smoove is extremely durable and one application lasts a long time, effectively protecting your mechanical drive train components from wear and tear. Smoove also greatly reduces friction, which enables you to perform at your best. Smoove is self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable and solvent free. It's the best lube we have ever used, and we're confident that it will be your favourite as well.

Developed in South Africa, we're excited to bring Smoove to the riders of New Zealand. Smoove took over three years to develop, shaped by constant feedback from riders testing coded samples back to back in the harsh South African conditions. The result is a true universal chain lube that is well suited to all conditions. From road through to MTB and CX, SMOOVE has it covered!

Smoove is a wax based lube and so the cleaner your chain is, the better is performs. If applied correctly, it lasts a long time. People are regularly getting about 1000km on one application to their road bikes and 500km or so on their mountain bikes.

Display stands:
If you purchase a case of Smoove Lube we will send you an acrylic Smoove lube display stand. Each stand holds 18 bottles of Smoove and looks fantastic. 

The performance of SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube requires correct application. Follow these steps to ensure you experience what we say above. If it's not the best chain lube you've ever used, you're not using it correctly!

Step 1: Clean chain rigirously. Use the strongest degreaser you can find, then wash it off with hot water.

Step 2: Allow the chain the dry fully

Step 3: Apply smooth to the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain. Keep applying as a constant dribble until you see lube spanning the pins between every other link.

Step 4: Keep pedalling the chain backwards 15-20 times to ensure it's totally worked in. Test the chain by pinching the side of the chain between your fingers and lightly twisting. you should see lube being pushed out from behind the plates.

Step 5: Leave to dry for at least an hour. The best results are achieved when Smoove is applied the night before.

Step 6: Do not wipe chain after application.

Note: Too much lube will cause residue to accumulate around the derailleur pulley wheels and cassette. It is common for riders to assume SMOOVE has worn off and apply more lube before it's required. Break your habit and only reapply when the chain 'sounds' dry.