Tern HSD Soft Crate Mini


Tern HSD Soft Crate Mini

  • Description

Detachable Dog & Cargo Carrier


The Soft Crate Mini is a detachable dog and cargo carrier for the HSD, Short Haul (confidential), and Quick Haul, and GSD. It requires the Clubhouse Mini for installation. The Soft Crate Mini is specially designed to help riders carry small- to medium-sized dogs safely and comfortably, especially when paired with the Dog Roof Mini. The Soft Crate Mini includes pup-friendly features like mesh panels and built-in safety tethers that attach to your dog's harness. It also lets riders tote groceries and other everyday cargo with ease.


  • Carries small- to medium-sized dogs (up to 13.5 kg/30 lbs)
  • Mesh panels keep your dog's cabin nicely ventilated on your ride
  • Spacious external pocket for dog leash, waste bags, and other dog gear 
  • Add the Dog Roof Mini (sold separately) to further protect and contain your dog—the Clubhouse Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and Dog Roof Mini make up the Doghouse Mini
  • Clubhouse Mini (sold separately) is required for installation
  • Packs down flat when not in use for easy storage (stick it in a pannier!)
  • Made with durable, easy-to-clean tarpaulin and rubberized mesh
  • Attaches and detaches from the Clubhouse Mini in seconds—quickly convert the Clubhouse Mini from kid carrier to grocery hauler
  • Carries up to 37 L of cargo
  • Includes a bungee cargo net to help secure your stuff
  • Compatible with any bike that fits the Clubhouse Mini, including the HSD, Short Haul (confidential), Quick Haul, and GSD (if Clubhouse Mini is installed in place of the Clubhouse+)